Tactful Cognitive Helpdesk is a fully integrated customer support platform with ticketing, CRM, help desks, and automated support technologies. It can manage all live chats on Facebook comments, Facebook messenger, and your website. You can view the whole customer journey on the agent dashboard by tracking all the information you need.

By tracking past and present purchase information and interactions, you can uncover customers’ intentions to make better recommendations and offer solutions. You can start by connecting to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, web chat, or via the Agent Desktop dashboard. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to communicate with customers across channels, keeping track of requests and conversations.

Tactful Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can keep all support tickets in one location with an integrated ticketing system integrated into the same user interface.
  • It allows you to place customer tickets and then assign and manage requests to agents or teams.
  • AI-enabled routing technology will enable you to intelligently assign requests and conversations to the right agent based on the conversation content.
  • By using self-service, book, refund, or buy requests can be automatically converted into an order.
  • You can also cancel or complain about products automatically without contacting an agent.
  • With these self-service options, you can eliminate repetitive tasks and free your team from assisting with more complex requests.
  • A dashboard for live support and an agent desktop for unification
  • Profile management for customer
  • Monitor engagements in real-time
  • Website chat plugin with customizable options
  • Ticketing, knowledgebase, and content management
  • Engagement analytics for customers
  • Integrations with Facebook, WhatsApp, Zapier, and the web

Tactful Appsumo Price

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