Spokk is a consumer feedback platform that allows you to collect and manage honest comments about your company, and then convert it into appealing evaluations. Imagine receiving rapid input from your consumers and turning it into compelling reviews!

This tool uses AI to create a unique public review based on all of the data, including the scores, ratings, and written comments. This implies fewer manual tasks for your consumers and more reviews for you. What is the best part? Your consumer has the option to alter the AI-generated review before it is posted. It’s their true voice, backed by Spokk’s clever technology.

Spokk Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • 79% of consumers believe online reviews are equally reliable as personal recommendations from friends and family. Reviews help to develop trust and credibility, which is vital for business growth.
  • Once the review is complete, you may ask the consumer to post it on any website you wish.
  • Simply click a button to send them to your selected review platform, and your review count will increase. Easy breezy.
  • More reviews on the sites that are most important to your organization equals more visibility, traffic, and revenue.
  • It enables you to convert private feedback into public reviews that improve your internet reputation.
  • Avoid generic feedback. Keep track of your priorities, including product quality, convenience of use, and support.
  • Customers can also rate individual staff. Determine who is a customer service superstar and where there is an opportunity for improvement.
  • Customers can submit detailed views and experiences in a convenient text form.
  • All of these ratings and comments go into an AI-powered testimonial generator, which creates captivating reviews that highlight what your company does best.
  • When a customer enters their email address into a feedback form, you can easily respond directly. They’ll receive a reminder to continue the conversation on a chat-like page.
  • This is where you turn feedback into a dialogue. Customers can share more, you can delve deeper, and everyone is pleased.
  • It’s a comprehensive feedback loop that keeps customers engaged and returning.
  • When clients provide feedback, you can automatically or manually send them a promo voucher as a thank you (or as an apology for any unsatisfactory experience).
  • This gives clients an enticing reason to provide feedback and testimonials.
  • This is a win-win situation. Discounts, feedback, and reviews help to develop trust, which increases sales. And your clients are rewarded with discounts on things they already enjoy.
  • Ready to boost your client feedback? Create feedback coupons today and watch your sales and reviews rise.
spokk saaszilla price
spokk saaszilla price

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