Using Spoke, you can record, transcribe, summarize, edit, and share your video conversations on any platform to take your video game to the next level.

Spoke Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can record any video conference or meeting and share it across platforms.
  • Alternative to:
  • Transcribe video conversations with an accuracy of over 90%.
  • Marketing pros who want to do more with video and remote teams who want to collaborate more effectively
  • You can easily edit and share transcribed and subtitled videos with your coworkers, stakeholders, and social media followers across any platform.
  • Transcripts and subtitles are an excellent way to make your videos more accessible and make them easier to watch.
  • You can edit your videos in minutes by highlighting the transcript
  • You can find it tough to split your attention between talking and taking notes when you’re interviewing potential candidates or conducting consumer research
  • With an auto-translation function at 90% accuracy, Spoke lets you focus your full attention on your conversations
  • Spoke’s “highlight moment” feature allows you to keep track of important quotes or questions in real-time on the Spoke user interface
  • You don’t have to repeat your work by watching your meetings and interviews over and over again
  • You can even post clips from your webinars to social media or create summaries of long meetings to share with your team to make the most of your video meetings.
  • Spoke lets you create great video summaries for all your clips
  • The transcript will also allow you to search for specific soundbites, so it’s super simple to find the one you’re looking for
  • After finding the clip you want, you can save it as a standalone video clip
  • You’re ready to share a quote or highlight of a key meeting on your favorite platform!
  • Spoke lets you search your videos based on their transcripts, so you can find the perfect clips
  • Transcription quality is 90% in 70+ languages
  • English & French transcription by a professional business transcriber
  • Videos can be found by searching transcriptions.
  • You can share videos directly on Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social networks.
  • Web interface speaker separation on uploaded video files
  • Converting machine hours to professional transcription (3 machine hrs = 20 professional transcriptions)
  • Remix video
  • Advanced punctuation
  • Vocabulary that is customized
  • You can record any video source.
  • Create videos by highlighting text
  • Share videos by sharing 1 link
  • Video view count
  • Highlight moments while recording
  • Generate subtitles
  • Auto-transcribing

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