Your creative vision for the perfect website for your clients inspires you. But instead of tapping into your creative genius, you spend your time trying to juggle the demands of clients’ sites, not to mention a swarm of emails requesting “minor tweaks.” With an all-in-one web design platform, you can maximize the creativity and speed your clients expect from you.

With Sitejet, you can easily manage and automate your website project and use a powerful CMS with complete design and coding flexibility. With its cutting-edge website builder, built-in project management system, and easy-to-use collaboration tools, Sitejet makes running your web design business easier than ever. The end-to-end operating platform that’s tailored to your specific needs will enhance your creativity and save you time. Therefore, as The Jetsons predicted, you will be able to automate all of your administrative tasks.

Sitejet Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create the exact site you want for your client using our flexible, cutting-edge website builder.
  • A second-rate toolkit can make you feel like you’re trying to recreate those 100-piece art kits.
  • It was built for professionals by professionals, so this tool gives you access to 140 prebuilt, responsive blocks that can be fully customized to level up your designs.
  • Create a site completely from scratch or use one of the 100+ built-in templates.
  • It offers the flexibility you need to design a masterpiece every time, whether you’re coding pages yourself or using drag-and-drop features.
  • View all your websites and their progress in one simple dashboard
  • Getting customers and managing the business make most creatives want to put up a permanent out-of-office sign
  • The integrated project management tools reduce micromanagement and prevent endless check-ins, so you can focus on doing what you love
  • Keeping you and your team on top of client requests is easier with an integrated ticket system.
  • With a to-do manager, you can manage your projects and track their progress from creation to publication.
  • Managing multiple clients or projects? Don’t worry about it.
  • To improve client collaboration, this tool lets you give each client access to their own dedicated portal
  • Through the on-page feedback tools, they can complete pre-design surveys, upload data and files, and share feedback
  • Getting better collaboration doesn’t mean giving up control — grant clients permission to edit and view statistics at their discretion.
  • Streamline client collaboration with dedicated client portals and gather feedback more effectively!
  • It is important for you to have the flexibility and freedom to turn your visions into reality as a web designer
  • Bringing quality services to customers and working effectively with them is also essential to scaling
  • You can easily navigate client requirements, manage projects, and handle client requests, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at getting creative.
  • Website editor
  • Automatic website generator
  • Customer website feedback tool
  • CMS for your customers (simplified)
  • Ticket system for change requests

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