SimpleX is a smart terminal powered by AI that enables you to easily examine and sort text data without writing any code. To quickly search, filter, sort, and compare hundreds of text responses, it leverages semantic AI. Use a user-friendly step-by-step assistant or import text data quickly from any spreadsheet.

Using the Zapier and Google connections, it’s simple to connect to hundreds of apps and access data from surveys and consumer comments. The console’s ability to process text in 50 different languages—including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and all of the European languages—is its best feature.

SimpleX Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Your data can be automatically annotated with keywords, sentiment analysis, and originality ratings.
  • To enhance search or filter functionality and quickly find the information you need, use custom tags.
  • Whether you’re sorting employee feedback, discovering duplicate quotes, or recognizing commonly used terms, you’ll be able to extract pertinent information with ease.
  • Additionally, you may integrate team messages from white-boarding applications and meetings to keep track of important conclusions and takeaways.
  • This tool uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) in contrast to conventional spreadsheet applications so you can search through text data according to meaning.
  • Simply select one response, and the platform will provide the survey responses that are most similar to it, even if they are expressed in other words or languages.
  • Additionally, you can organize comments into specific subjects and receive recommendations for answers and topics that are more pertinent to your situation.
  • And when the workload increases, it can even step in and organize the remaining responses in accordance with what you’ve already done.
  • It provides you with everything required to create reports that you can share with your team to encourage wiser choices.
  • Easily design and add dynamic charts, word clouds, and subject treemaps to your presentations to visually represent ideas.
  • You can get common topic lists, keyword lists, and detailed tables with cutting-edge statistics with only a few clicks.
  • You may access all of your previous data and quickly find any quote from any survey using their cross-survey search box.
  • Fast text data import, analysis, and search across 50 languages
  • With a user-friendly AI that creates tags, groups responses into categories, and produces reports, you can avoid writing complex code.
  • Add CSV and Excel file
  • Excel, PDF, and PNG files can be exported.
  • Automatic keyword extraction and keyword search (including the plural and conjugated forms)
  • Ideas for content based on semantic similarity
  • Semantic search and full-text with various filter
  • Charts include bar charts, treemaps, and word clouds.
  • Individual tags
  • Helped break up long answers
  • Automatic topic distribution with AI assistance and AI-powered topic recommendation
  • 50 languages are covered
  • Implementing Zapier (Beta)

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