Sentrya is a Gmail inbox cleaner that will help you remove spam and worthless trash from your inbox. It filters out emails from suspicious senders, leaving you with only a clean inbox filled with vital messages.

This inbox-cleaning application promotes data privacy while giving you complete control over your email. This Gmail cleaner may also tell you if your data has been sold and which firm owns it. Sentrya’s customized whitelist protects your inbox against spam, allowing only trusted senders to access your email.

Sentrya Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Protect your digital area by easily filtering emails from suspicious senders, so building a secure barrier against potential attacks.
  • Take charge of your privacy, which allows you to erase your personal information from any firm with whom you no longer wish to be linked.
  • Discover the truth about your data –  the tool discloses which firms own and process your information, putting control back in your hands.
  • Stay informed about your data’s travel – It can tell you if your data was sold and which companies were involved in the transaction.

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