Satellitor is a smart blogging assistant that can generate, manage, and optimize blog entries to increase site traffic. Fully automate your SEO blog and generate blog posts based on your company’s keywords with no manual input.

This tool allows you to regularly produce new blog post ideas on any topic and show them as article titles. This platform will then grow that title into a full blog article, which you can evaluate directly from the dashboard.

Satellitor Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You may even schedule content to be published on your website at regular intervals, which will help you improve your search rankings and audience engagement.
  • It allows you to tailor SEO material to your target audience by simply identifying your potential customer’s characteristics.
  • Enter demographic information about your ideal consumer, such as their age, gender, geography, and occupation, to create targeted content
  • Unlike other SEO tools, you may include psychographics in your audience profile, such as their values, beliefs, ambitions, challenges, and more
  • Once you’ve connected Satellitor to your website, you’ll be able to publish articles straight to it.
  • This platform will seamlessly interact with WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Wix, and Ghost.
  • You can also use email to post, proofread, or deliver blog entries straight to your clients
  • It has a no-code blog builder, making it simple to start a blog from scratch.
  • To develop a high-quality site, you can choose your brand colors, add a custom domain, and include important meta tags
  • With just one tool, you can go from scratch to a finished, SEO-friendly blog in minutes
  • The entirely automates blog creation, allowing you to grow your online presence without lifting a finger.
Satellitor appsumo price
Satellitor appsumo price


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