Introducing Robotalp, the ideal solution for all of your online service monitoring requirements. This tool provides excellent built-in uptime monitoring to ensure that you are always informed of any outages or issues with your online services.

Robotalp also provides a number of additional monitoring features, including Uptime, Keyword, Pagespeed, API, Port, SSL, Ping, Domain, DNS, and Safebrowsing. That is still not everything. The status page function allows you to construct an elegant status page without spending thousands of dollars (a status page is a digital dashboard that displays information about the present state of your online world).

Robotalp Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It allows you to streamline your monitoring procedure and provide peace of mind knowing that your internet services are functioning properly.
  • The comprehensive uptime monitoring solution to be the first to know about outages and other concerns.
  • The Ponemon Institute discovered that even for small businesses, each minute of downtime leads to significant revenue losses ranging from $137 to $427.
  • It’s like watching your hard-earned money disappear faster than the last slice of pizza on the group’s shared plate.
  • It monitors your websites and services throughout the clock to guarantee they are functioning properly.
  • Organizations and Teams: Sort your monitors, status pages, and coworkers into different categories based on their time zones. Add team members to your organization to promote collaboration. Includes robust role-based access control
  • Timeless UI: Meet the website monitoring tool with the most modern user interface
  • The global network has 20 separate monitoring servers that can verify your services every 1 minute, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the globe
  • Uptime Monitoring – Our robots constantly scan your websites and alert you if a mistake is discovered.
  • This monitoring also gathers information and creates statistics about website availability and response times.
  • The report’s findings might help you improve your clients’ user experience by detecting slowdown scenarios
  • Server Monitoring – Our robots perform periodic ping requests to your servers to ensure they are operating.
  • Keep an eye on your servers and receive notifications if usage reaches harmful levels.
  • Keyword Monitoring – Identify keywords to ensure that all relevant information is included on your website
  • SSL Monitoring: Avoid losing valuable visitors due to expiring SSL certificates. Receive a notification before it expires, giving you time to act.
  • Pagespeed Insights Monitoring: If your website’s PageSpeed scores are poor, competitors will be able to attract customers by loading their pages faster.
  • Furthermore, slow page load speed has a substantial impact on SEO, resulting in a significant drop in ranking.
  • Keep track of your PageSpeed scores and receive notifications when they go below a specific threshold.
  • DNS Monitoring: It’s not ideal if your domain’s nameservers change without your notice. Get notified when the nameservers for your domains are about to change.\
  • Status pages improve client trust by providing real-time information. Create an appealing status page in 10 seconds and without spending a penny!
  • Multiple notification channels are available to keep you and your team connected at all times. You can utilize our webhooks to integrate with your current alert system.
  • Access important Robotalp features from outside the platform.
Robotalp dealify price
Robotalp dealify price
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Robotalp regular pricing



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