Proxi allows you to gather leads on your website with no-code interactive maps and nurture high-intent prospects with lead-generation tools. Add pop-ups to collect emails, which you may then export via custom API to tools like Mailchimp and ConvertKit.

You may also develop location-specific inquiry forms, which are ideal for real estate, hotel, and event management professionals. You can collect names, phone numbers, and other information from site visitors using these inquiry forms.

Proxi Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll be able to construct digital maps for a variety of use cases, such as in-person events or property listings, thanks to powerful AI
  • Simply give a few data about the location to add it to your map without using particular addresses
  • Alternatively, you can specify the types of places you want to visit, such as nice coffee shops or family-friendly restaurants, and the AI will populate the map with possibilities
  • You’ll also be able to scrape a URL for a list of locations, which is ideal for mapping out tourist and vacation destinations from a travel blog.
  • It provides sophisticated analytics that breaks down views, clicks, time spent on maps, and more to help you learn how users interact with your maps
  • These analytics are available to map by map, so you’ll know exactly how each map performs on your site
  • There’s also a detailed breakdown of each point of connection, allowing you to discover which spots are generating the greatest engagement
  • Put your event literally on the map by including any forthcoming events so visitors know when and where to find you
  • This function can be used to mark vendor booths, stages, and other points of interest at expos, conventions, and other major events
  • You can add numbered points to find something or suggest a specific timetable for visiting different regions to make navigation more easier.
  • You may use this tool to develop interactive maps that drive people to local companies, tourist destinations, in-person events, and more
  • Create digital maps for your website and use lead-generation tools such as email capture pop-ups and inquiry forms to generate leads
  • You can add time-sensitive events to maps and utilize analytics to determine which spots receive the most attention.
proxi appsumo price
proxi appsumo price
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proxi regular pricing

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