Popups are still an effective way to get conversions started. Popupsmart has solved the biggest problem of popups by creating a user-friendly interface and enabling advanced targeting capabilities. By using new generation pop ups, we hope to achieve higher conversion rates.

Popups Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • No-Code tool: The tool is supported with rich video documentation, and anyone can use it without technical knowledge
  • Pop ups designed in different areas specific to your website visitors with 48 conversion ready templates & 26 targeting options: Pop ups designed to maximize conversion rates
  • Fully responsive design: Get the best popup viewing experience that’s compatible with any size or shape
  • Exit-intent triggers: Displays predetermined messages on users’ desktops when their cursor leaves
  • Scroll triggers: Display your popup only when a user has scrolled the desired percentage of the webpage
  • Geo-localized targeting: Show users digital campaigns tailored to their location and customize your offers
  • Display your popup when the user has been inactive on the website for a while to boost user experience
  • Traffic sources targeting: Display campaigns based on specific traffic sources and URLs such as Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads
  • Device-based targeting: Create separate campaigns for desktop and mobile popups
  • Google Analytics Events tracking: Analyze user responses by counting clicks, impressions, and conversions for popup ads.
  • Create your custom popup campaign with Popupsmart today.
  • No coding required and easy to customize
  • Privacy and GDPR compliant
  • Get Real time statistics
  • Pop up builders boost sales for business owners
  • This deal is not stackable
  • 100k Pageviews
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited popups
  • 48 Conversion-ready pop-up templates
  • 26 targeting options for audiences: geo-location targeting, exit-intent targeting, and more
  • Integrated with +8 email newsletter providers, as well as Zapier.
  • 97 KB Total code & fast download
  • 5 Minute support
  • Campaign goals that will help you achieve success
  • GDPR & Google SEO compliant
  • 99.9% uptime on a secure AWS server.

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