With PlugSMS, you can use an Android smartphone to deliver bulk messages to your intended audience instantaneously. Use WhatsApp to reach a wider audience; our platform offers the resources you need to get going. Increase the effect and reach of marketing efforts by connecting with more people and fostering higher engagement through the use of SMS and WhatsApp platforms.

Deliver messages that are tailored to each individual customer. Promotions are a powerful tool for building deeper relationships and encouraging brand participation. Use WhatsApp and SMS to provide customers exclusive offers and discounts. Make your target market feel important and a part of the brand.

PlugSMS Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can use our WooCommerce plugin to integrate WhatsApp with your online store.
  • Use WhatsApp to notify clients of order changes, such as order confirmation, shipment tracking, and delivery status reports
  • Use real-time updates to encourage recurring business. Build trusting relationships with your clients. Boost your online store’s long-term profitability and client delight.
  • You can use instant messaging to coordinate venue reservations, vendor technical setup, transportation, and catering, among other event execution requirements.
  • Notify attendees in bulk about updates and reminders for the event using WhatsApp and SMS. Make sure everyone is informed and involved at every stage of the process
  • To evaluate the event’s success, pinpoint areas for development, and plan future events that better suit attendees’ requirements and expectations, collect post-event feedback
  • By automating communication with the help of the Webhooks function, businesses can remain proactive, responsive, and aware of the demands of their clients, increasing client happiness and ensuring long-term success.
  • Enable companies to provide prompt customer service via WhatsApp and SMS, improving lines of contact for smooth engagement
  • With an Android phone, you may manage service requests, promote products, and respond to inquiries.

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