PIXMO keeps an eye on your digital assets around-the-clock and makes sure you get paid for any unauthorised usage or copyright infringement. Whether you’re a brand seeking to prevent your identity and logos from being imitated, an e-commerce business owner trying to prevent your products from being sold by a rival or an unauthorised distributor, an AI or traditional artist or designer trying to protect your portfolio and works:

Put an end to your concerns that your original work may be stolen online. Take action without putting forth extra effort! Your hard work won’t be stolen and exploited without your permission (or retaliation) if you import your photographs into the platform and allow the sophisticated tracking system handle the task.

Pixmo Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Without you having to manually search, carry out time-consuming reverse searches, or use disorganised spreadsheets, it works relentlessly around the clock, every day of the year, to discover where your photographs are being used on the Internet
  • By streamlining the procedure, this tool enables you to concentrate on what you do best—creating masterpieces.
  • You can see exactly where and how your work is being used thanks to real-time tracking
  • It locates the precise URL where your digital assets are being used in a matter of seconds and even provides you with a comparison between your original file and the corresponding hosted version
  • It recognises partial matches as well as full matches and manipulations because it is AI-driven. The use of your content in a different composition (overlays, watermarks, colours, pens, etc.) to deceive you is no longer possible.
  • You can regain control of your creative content and safeguard your intellectual property without having to worry about unauthorised usage or lost revenue.
  • You have two options: either manually pursue the matter yourself or file a lawsuit with this tool, which will pursue fees and damages on your behalf
  • Give yourself back control of your assets by allowing the team to handle everything behind the scenes. They will pursue every available legal avenue to uphold your rights. Simply choose the desired royalty rate, and they will handle all aspects of the infringement procedure. No fee, no win
  • Greater peace of mind, quicker resolution of copyright infringements, and reduced revenue loss as a result of unauthorised usage are all benefits of this round-the-clock security.
  • You can concentrate on what is important because of the time and energy saved.
  • Those that seek to preserve their digital assets while getting paid for unauthorised usage include traditional and artificial intelligence (AI) artists, photographers, designers, online store owners, and agencies.
Pixmo Regular Pricing
Pixmo Regular Pricing
pixmo saaszilla price
pixmo saaszilla price

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