PaySync is an automatic tool for Shopify shops that syncs tracking IDs between Shopify and PayPal. This PayPal Tracking App automates the syncing of tracking numbers between Shopify and PayPal, resulting in accurate and fast updates.

Its automation increases trust in PayPal and speeds up the release of held money, improving your overall financial management. The simple setup and real-time syncing capabilities make it an invaluable tool for any Shopify store that accepts PayPal.

PaySync Deal Features Overview:

  • It automates the synchronization procedure, eliminating the need for manual updates.
  • This ensures that all of your tracking information is correct and timely updated on PayPal.
  • The tool fosters a trustworthy partnership with PayPal by keeping transaction details up to date.
  • This can result in a speedier release of stored funds and lower account reserves.
  • It was created with ease of use in mind.
  • Its user-friendly interface enables quick setup and easy management, making it accessible even to individuals with less technical experience.
  • It assures that your financial information is handled with the highest level of security.
  • It also safeguards critical information and ensures your company’s integrity.
  • It offers a handy dashboard for viewing and responding to chargebacks, allowing you to manage disputes more simply and effectively.
  • Automated synchronization of tracking numbers with PayPal
  • Real-time sync capabilities
  • Streamlined order processing with one click, reduced PayPal holds, and speedier fund release.
  • Enhanced seller protection and lower chance of fraud
  • A user-friendly dashboard for controlling chargebacks
  • Support for numerous PayPal accounts.

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