Partenero is a customer success tool that allows you to track the health of your customers, create action plans, and execute playbooks. This tool provides a 360o view of each customer’s history, allowing you to manage all of your customers from a single platform.

Simply enter your contacts manually or import customer data from your CRM or spreadsheet to get started. View each customer’s touchpoints, tasks, surveys, and action plans without switching between tools or browser tabs.

Partenero Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can use health scores to monitor your customers’ health and learn how each score is calculated.
  • Customers require different things at various stages of the customer journey, which is why the tool enables you to map out your customer journey and track client progress.
  • Create your journey’s stages from scratch or use an existing template to develop a journey that corresponds to your internal processes
  • You will be able to see the entire customer journey in Kanban or list modes, and you will be able to move the customer along the journey with a simple drag-and-drop
  • It allows you to automate the process by designing a playbook template for various repetitive tasks.
  • You can add tasks that are linked to success plans and playbooks, or you can create standalone tasks for a specific client.
  • That means you’ll be able to clearly define each customer’s goals and make business management more practical—all without breaking a sweat!
  • It allows you to create net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction score (CSAT), custom surveys, and manage responses.
  • You can even send your survey via personalized email and follow up with a special thank-you message to customers who complete it to increase your response rate.
  • Once your survey responses begin to arrive, you will receive a survey report that includes key metrics and insights to help you make informed business decisions.
  • NPS and CSAT surveys are customizable and configurable
  • Adaptable journey
  • Portfolio of customer
  • Playbook
  • Tasks and notes
  • Import and export of data
  • AP
  • Kanban and list views provide a 360-degree view of the client’s journey
  • CSM client portfolio
  • Reports
  • Customizable health score
  • Clients, playbooks, activities, notes, contacts, and surveys are all integrated features.

Partenero Appsumo Price

Partenero Price

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