Orimon.ai is powered by GPT3 from OpenAI and ORISERVE, which is the world’s most awarded and No. 1 sales-enabled conversational AI developed by Google. You will have complete access to a wide selection of pre-built characters tailored to a variety of use cases and industries when you work with Orimon.ai, and you will also have the opportunity to design unique prompts.

Additionally, the user interface (UI) of your bot may be customized, and it can integrate with a variety of communications channels, including your website, WordPress, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more in the near future.

Orimon AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can connect with your site’s users on a whole new level. Gain access to previously unheard-of levels of revenue growth, improved levels of client satisfaction, and rapid expansion.
  • Constructing your very own chatbot can be done in as little as two minutes, even if you have no prior experience with coding and do not have extensive natural language processing (NLP) skills.
  • Simply input the URL of your website to receive a chatbot that is adapted to your brand and powered by AI
  • Engage your audience by having conversations led by AI that are virtually as capable as human beings thanks to powerful conversational AI that enables sales
  • It is a chatbot platform that is sophisticated enough to re-direct conversations towards your business goals, understands intent and objectives, and speaks 150+ languages
  • We understand that there may be situations where customers require immediate assistance or have complex inquiries.
  • The tool provides a fallback alternative for live chat.
  • Customers are able to leave the interaction with the chatbot at any time and proceed directly to a human person for issues that are time-sensitive or complicated. Provide exceptional customer service and address critical needs promptly
  • This is the kind of technology you’ve been waiting for, which has the potential to significantly improve company outcomes on a massive scale
  • You can easily engage your audience in conversations guided by AI that are practically as capable as humans
  • A chatbot that is capable of understanding intent and objectives, speaking over 120 languages, and redirecting interactions in order to achieve brand goals
orimon appsumo price
orimon appsumo price
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orimon regular pricing


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