Using AI, OneClip allows you to create one video and generate hundreds of individualized duplicates. You send each prospect a personalized video message with their website in the background – picture Loom videos on steroids.

You can create one video and see it turn into hundreds of unique versions, making each prospect feel like a VIP. Every prospect has their own video page with their website in the background, delivering a personalized and memorable experience.

The tool allows you to focus on building and running your business without sacrificing the quality of your outreach or losing the personal touch.

OneClip Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It provides an email embed code replete with a GIF thumbnail that recipients can’t help but click
  • These are compatible with all popular email-sending solutions, including Instantly, allowing you to boost your cold email campaigns.
  • Your Calendly booking form can be embedded right next to the video message on the prospect’s personalized video page
  • Prospects are shown available timeslots and can be scheduled immediately into your calendar.
  • Reduce drop-off and increase conversions by making it easy for prospects to make an appointment with you.
  • We’re on a quest to enable personal interactions at scale, and our next step is to increase the personalization possible within movies
  • We will shortly be releasing our AI Voice function, which will be utilized in conjunction with Dynamic Backgrounds and will allow you to address each prospect by name, in your voice, utilizing AI
  • Other ambitions include more automation and integrations with your favorite platforms
  • It’s time to say goodbye to the era of generic outreach. Make 2023 the year of meaningful encounters, increased conversions, and more successful deals.
oneclip appsumo price
oneclip appsumo price
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oneclip regular pricing

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