Nowa is a platform that does not require users to write any code, making it simple for developers to produce mobile, web, and desktop applications in a fraction of the usual development time.

This tool comes equipped with a user interface designer that is both flexible and smooth, allowing users to produce attractive app designs simply by dragging and dropping pieces. Adding screens, positioning widgets, modifying property settings, and organizing assets is a breeze. And you may tweak everything to your liking till it’s just right.

Nowa Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This platform, in contrast to design tools such as Figma, allows you access to actual app user interfaces that already have the code built. No more switching back and forth between various mockup files
  • Using the Circuit feature, you may construct logic graphs graphically and alter them without having to worry about the syntax, structure, or rules governing the coding of computer programs
  • You will be able to replace many lines of code for each and every logic with information-dense graphs with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • You can also use the source code of Flutter to add individualized functionalities and modify existing ones. Additionally, you have the option to download the source code
  • It also makes it easy to integrate your data and load it into your app, regardless of the location where your data is stored.
  • Without having to write a single line of code, connect your app to the backend of your choice, whether that is Supabase, Airtable, Google Sheets, or even your own API
  • You may test how your app appears on various devices, as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Pixel, by using the online simulator
  • After you have ensured that everything meets your standards, you are free to export the application to the operating system that best suits your needs, be it iOS, Android, or Microsoft
  • You are free to work in any location thanks to the desktop edition, which enables offline work and provides access to locally saved project files
  • The Hot Reload feature allows you to test how your app operates on your phone while you are building it, and it enables you to view changes as they happen in real-time
  • When it comes to developing code with a hybrid strategy, you can use in conjunction with the integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice, such as VS Code or Android Studio
  • In addition to this, you will be able to share your project with other members of your team and assign distinct roles and permissions to each person.
Nowa Appsumo Price
Nowa Appsumo Price
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Nowa Regular Pricing


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