NOTIX is a re-engagement tool for audiences that uses web and in-app push alerts on both desktop and mobile devices. This tool allows website/app owners and marketers to post their content and communicate with their audiences via an exceptionally engaging channel, while also monetizing both mobile and web subscriptions.

Targeting can be improved by segmenting audiences based on specified factors. Cross-channel communication (By establishing cross-channel contact between web and app users, you may increase your audience reach and engagement).

Notix Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Option for parallel testing (try NOTIX with your existing provider to notice the difference).
  • Improved Delivery Rate by 30% (deliver more and increase CTR on each notice delivered).
  • Send messages in the timezone of the user (reach your subscribers at the most convenient moment for them).
  • Real-time statistics (watch all indicators in real-time and track the delivery process as it happens).
  • Migration of a database from another service.
  • Subscription prompts are customizable (from seconds to unique designs).
  • API integration
  • Emoji Support (Use Emoji to make your messages more appealing and colorful).
  • WordPress Plugin (With our plugin, you may install NOTIX on your website in only a few clicks).
  • Recommendations for material (Increase engagement by promoting material that directly fits users’ interests).
  • Push messages (Send tailored and appropriate messages based on individual conditions).
  • Feeds via RSS (Use Zapier to convert your RSS feed into Push alerts and send the most recent news).
  • For internet enterprises, Push Notifications are the ideal answer. Push notifications allow you to engage with your customers and upsell them.
  • It is an excellent choice for publishers and website owners. Push Notifications will assist you in re-engaging your users by providing them with relevant website content.
  • Users respond positively to In-App push alerts because they already know, trust, and are interested in the application.
  • This guarantees that the material is relevant and that communication with the audience is efficient. You can send tailored messages to users of specific program versions.
notix regular pricing
notix regular pricing
notix dealmirror price
notix dealmirror price


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