Notepad is an AI-powered note-taking app that combines an easy-to-use drive-like interface with a plethora of intuitive features, including a Markdown Note Editor, Code IDE, Photo Editor, Visual and Codepen-like Web Editors, PDF Editor, and more. If you prefer to keep all of your notes, codes, photos, and PDFs organized in one location, Notepad is the tool for you.

Consider being able to transition smoothly between writing markdown notes, coding in an IDE, editing photographs, and modifying PDFs all in one location. It is your go-to app for all of your note-taking and creative requirements. And, with the added benefit of AI features, your productivity is guaranteed to increase.

Notepad Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The Editor is a great markdown-based text editor. Its visual markdown syntax lets you effortlessly format your notes.
  • You can include code snippets with syntax highlighting in your notes.
  • You may also use tags to organize notes and store files in different locations. You can share your notes and folders
  • It features a real-time preview that simulates a seamless output experience.
  • It also contains a simple highlight search tool, which allows you to quickly find notes
  • If you already have notes in Markdown format, you may easily import them with drag and drop. You may also export all of your notes in Markdown or PDF format.
  • The IDE allows you to write, save, and run code in more than 50 programming languages. It is built on Judge0, a robust, scalable, and open-source online code execution platform.
  • It’s great for anyone who wants to quickly write and run code without having to boot up a full-featured IDE on their PC
  • It can also be used to teach and learn, as well as to explore a new language
  • Paint anything as notes with free sketching brushes. It is built on FabricJS, an open-source tool
  • The Visual Web Builder enables you to create, save, and export landing pages on the fly
  • The Visual Web Builder is a powerful HTML email and page builder tool that allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful, mobile-responsive emails or landing pages for your business
  • It enables you to create and export single-page websites in file that includes all resources
  • The HTML Debugger is a useful tool for debugging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets. Create a code snippet (“pen”) and test it using Codepen!
  • It benefits both front-end designers and developers. You can write and deploy website code, test cases for investigation and debugging, and share your results
  • To use the HTML editor, create a file with the.htm extension
  • There are various other capabilities available, like project workspaces, sharing and collaboration, tagging, favorites, and more to come
  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and mobile platforms.
  • It can also be installed as browser-based software on your devices by selecting the “Add to Home Screen” option.
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notepad dealify price
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notepad regular pricing

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