Create customized videos for any social media in only a few clicks. It is a smart video creation platform that uses powerful AI to automate production, giving you fast, high-quality content for social media.

Multimedia5 Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Quickly turn blog posts, news articles, product pages, & plain text into high-quality videos optimized for social media.
  • Use advanced AI to automate tedious tasks in the video editing process.
  • Access millions of stock photos, videos, & soundtracks in the media library.
  • Select from ready-made video templates, media searches & uploads, or inputting URLs and text-based content.
  • AI summarizes it into individual scenes for a ready-made storyboard.
  • Choose from media searches, templates, or inputting URLs/text to start making your video.
  • Analyze over 29 different types of web pages.
  • Scene length, highlighted keywords, font size, & even a credit scene.
  • Automatically generate a storyboard with videos, photos, graphics, and highlighted text!
  • Easily edit your videos with toolsets, including drag-&-drop media functionality.
  • Extensive media library.
  • Millions of combined stock photos, videos, & soundtracks.
  • Easily searchable with keywords.
  • Get access to millions of photos, videos, & soundtracks in the media library.
  • Royalty-free license.
  • 5 GB Storage space.
  • 120 Videos per month.
  • 1080p Video quality.
  • Reseller rights & 3rd-party commercial rights.
  • Access to branding features.
  • White label preview.
  • Upload your own music.
  • Over 800 fonts.
  • Text analysis & text-to-video technology.
  • Intelligent media mapping.
  • Standard media library + premium media files.
  • Upload you own outro.
  • No Multimedia5 logo.


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