Mode is a secure communication platform that supports team messaging, audio and video chatting, screen sharing, voice notes, and file sharing, all with post-quantum end-to-end encryption for unsurpassed privacy. This tool enables teams to speak confidently. Anywhere, anytime.

Mode is trusted by top cybersecurity teams to protect organizational communication during critical periods. Digital privacy and cybersecurity are continuous challenges for corporate teams, particularly as the volume of information shared via workplace communication apps increases.

Mode Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It integrates team communication by combining texting, audio and video chatting, screen sharing, file sharing, and voice notes in a single secure app.
  • It distinguishes itself from standard workplace communication tools by securing all messages with multi-layered post-quantum end-to-end encryption
  • It improves the X3DH key agreement protocol with post-quantum key encapsulation to safeguard your data well into the future, when quantum computers pose a threat to data security
  • The administration interface allows enterprise administrators to govern user access and settings across all apps connected to their workplace, which is not offered in other encrypted messaging apps for consumers
  • Administrators may tailor their encrypted communication experience for their team by uploading a corporate logo to their apps, barring external connections to create a closed and trusted environment, and inviting team members to join their Mode workplace
  • To improve security and privacy, team members do not create user accounts using email or phone numbers, lowering the growing danger of identity-based attacks that allow unauthorized access to communication data
  • Build trust with your staff, partners, and customers. Begin utilizing this tool for a safer and more connected business. It’s just as simple to converse securely
  • Immediately deploy a secure and compliant communication tool to your cyber incident response team during incidents.
  • Secure your messaging, video calls, and file transfers with post-quantum end-to-end encryption.
  • IT outages might cause a temporary loss of your major communication channels.
  • Protect your response team’s communications from attackers by leveraging cutting-edge data security for messaging, voice and video calling, and file sharing.
  • When your core IT environment is compromised, you can quickly restore team communication by activating users through your admin portal.
  • Back up chats, record video calls, and enforce security standards to ensure compliant out-of-band communication during an emergency.
  • Unlike consumer messaging programs like WhatsApp or Signal, the Portal allows you to manage user access, implement security restrictions, and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Team members do not need to share or add contacts to stay connected.
  • Prevent chats and files from being exported from your Team apps.
  • Reduce phishing by allowing only connected apps to communicate.
  • You can add your corporate logo and name to your team’s apps.
mode appsumo price
mode appsumo price

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