MixAudio, a Multimodal AI music generator that was honoured at CES 2023 and GDA 2024 – your fast and easy music creation solution. Input your ideas as text, photos, or audio to obtain four personalized tunes in seconds!

All music tracks are royalty-free, allowing for unrestricted use on any platform. This is perfect for all content makers, including YouTubers, podcasters, game developers, and your library. The fast music creation is powered by a sound Sample-based Retrieval-Augmented Generation engine.

MixAudio Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This engine allows users to submit ideas via text, graphics, and audio alone or in combination to create quick, personalized tunes.
  • The efficiency of this process depends on the specifics of your input the Prompt Genius function helps you articulate musical tastes or explore genres, moods, and topics.
  • This approach ensures a quick, perfect match to your creative vision, providing unrivalled versatility in music production.
  • It enables significant customization of created music by providing six sorts of instrument selections for modification—rhythm, bass, melody, mid-range, high-range, and effect to adjust the music’s composition and sequence.
  • You can change the track duration and fine-tune the instrument setup, including turning certain instruments on or off.
  • Advanced editing features allow for detailed customisation, such as substituting stems or adjusting music portions to ensure accurate arrangement. These features mean the music may be carefully tailored to your preferences, enhancing the creative process.
  • Furthermore, the AI can remix songs from artists or even build a 24/7 radio station based on your multimodal inputs, seamlessly combining artistry and technology to improve your musical experience.
  • The AI Remix function includes a vast choice of original tunes by various artists and K-pop stars, with new talent added regularly.
  • These tracks can also be remixed with multimodal input (prompts, visuals, and audio references), and the results are free of copyright issues. Professional subscribers can download the remix track.
  • AI Radio continuously broadcasts music suited to your inputs and mood preferences, and you can interact with the streams you generate.
  • You can customize your listening experience with features such as genre and mood presets for rapid selection and a mood changer for adjusting the environment.
  • It also allows you to download specific sections of the music you appreciate, allowing you to preserve and revisit your favourite moments at any time.

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