Learning a new language is not easy but it can be easier when we have a tool like Memrise. Memrise is a language learning tool to learn new languages on the go.  This smart learning app adapts to every individual learner for creating a learning path that just has the right level of challenge, so you can learn a new language faster and easier. You can also learn through real-life phrases and words, with naturally audio and video clips, and with no strict grammar rules.

Memrise Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Choose from over 22 languages.
  • Learn real-life words and phrases.
  • Listen and learn from real locals; understand a new language in real-world contexts.
  • Set daily goals and learning reminders
  • Join the leaderboards to compete against other learners.
  • Gain the confidence to speak with anyone.
  • 1 device per license can be used.
  • A smart learning engine.
  • Learn with Locals.
  • No grammar rules.

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