MaxFocus is a browser extension that allows users to evaluate links without opening numerous tabs. You can view a preview of any link by long-clicking, hovering, or using a keyboard shortcut.

You can enjoy articles in MaxFocus that notify you about potentially dangerous websites so you may browse safely. Additionally, it disables tracking parameters from links you open, protecting your privacy.
ader mode provides a distraction-free experience.

MaxFocus Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can view YouTube videos without sidebars.
  • Use focus mode to dim the remainder of the page. Find out what a link is about without leaving your current page. Information is available instantly with a single click, hover, or short key.
  • Remove the clutter and advertisements. It provides a clear, distraction-free view for completely pleasant reading.
  • View videos without sidebars or needless distractions. It’s just you and the content, uninterrupted.
  • Change the popup behaviour, open/close triggers, and popup design to create your ideal browsing experience.
  • Ask questions and receive immediate suggestions and summaries directly in the preview to delve deeper into the subject

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