Magic Form allows you to create and train an artificial intelligence-powered sales assistant to optimize and automate your customer journey. Teach an AI-powered sales agent all you know about your company so that it is always on the ball when speaking with your customers.

You can train the AI on documents and URLs, and you can add anything not covered in your knowledge base to your chatbot’s source knowledge.

MagicForm Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It allows you to examine your chatbot’s recent interaction history to identify problems such as erroneous or hallucinating responses
  • You can also see what information your chatbot is referring to and ensure it is delivering relevant assistance
  • Connect your chatbot to Gmail to automatically follow up with leads and assist them through the following steps of the customer journey
  • You can create complete email sequences to reach out to leads, get them to your website, and begin converting them into paying customers
  • Simply type a question for each step, and the AI will create a personalized email with information from that prospect’s chat
  • You’ll never have to worry about leads going through the cracks with built-in automated follow-ups and lead management
  • You can examine all of your active leads and track their customer journey from a single dashboard that shows you what action to take next and when it is due
  • You may also use Zapier to connect the tool to other apps, such as transferring lead information to your enterprise CRM
  • You will be able to white-label everything and add your logo to make it appear to be an internal tool
  • You can use CNAME to add a custom domain to power customer interactions on your website
  • You can now resell this platform to your clients, generating fresh money for your company
  • With AI looking after your consumers, you’ll finally have time to work on that side project
  • You may use this tool to create your very own AI-powered sales and support agent who is an expert in your industry.
magicform appsumo price
magicform appsumo price
magicform regular pricing
magicform regular pricing


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