LinkMngr is a complete solution for managing branded links. It is the fastest way to share your links in order to increase traffic and brand awareness. It is a simple link shortener or URL shortener that uses your brand. You can shorten any long URL and then use the short URL for marketing purposes (such as sharing on social media, email campaigns, SMS messages, affiliate tracking, etc.).

It also supports ad retargeting (so your shortened links can be integrated with retargeting-compatible advertising networks like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Twitter Ads). It includes free SSL for custom short domains too. Using this tool, you don’t have to type as often, reduce manual clicking, and take advantage of smart retargeting to meet all your social marketing and brand marketing needs. Marketing isn’t complicated – it just takes someone who knows how marketing should work to do it for you.

Learn more about LinkMngr!

  • Branded Links Management – Manage all your brands’ links in one place.
  • Custom Links – Easily generate short URLs containing your company’s domain name! Instead of using generic shortened URLs, your brand should use one that is consistent with your branding in order to raise brand awareness.
  • Using Link Shortener, you can shorten any URL. With this tool, you can shorten long URLs and never have to worry about them expiring! You can shorten a lengthy URL by pasting it into the form and clicking the Shorten URL button
  • Link Retargeting – Show your visitors the ads that are most relevant to them! You can add retargeting pixels and scripts to retargeting lists directly from your site.
  • Multiple Domain Names – Create unique URLs as default pages when people click on misspelled or no longer functioning links. Users who want to interact more with the companies they love will be impressed by clean, professionally written domain names.
  • Analytics – You can see how many people click on your shortened URLs, their origins, and their distribution.

Businesses can manage their links with this tool, at scale to scale their marketing –

  • Increased Brand Awareness – It offers its customers the quickest way to create awareness and traffic for their links.
  • Real-Time Track Your Links – Track each shortened link and monitor its performance in real-time to gain a better understanding.
  • Increase Conversion Rates – Your conversion rate can increase by 25% if you use branded short links.
  • With short domains, you get free SSL

What’s the Benefit of using LinkMngr?

  • Shortens long links to save time
  • Track conversions and clicks for each link.
  • Use your branded link in social media, email, SMS, and affiliate tracking campaigns.
  • You can integrate shortened links with any retargeting ad network (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Twitter Ads).
  • Customers who have visited your site before can be retargeted.
  • Manage all your links in one place

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