Linkjoy helps creators increase brand awareness, generate more leads and revisit visitors to their website. It helps them convert followers to leads/customers.

Linkjoy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Remarket to more people and get better analytics by using mobile-first pages.
  • Sell more. Link Instagram posts directly to your products and track one-time visitors. Engage with retargeted ones.
  • Add More Readers – Integrate content from other sources and share your content – Make quick links to your own content and other’s.
  • Build Portfolios or generate leads. Use branded short URLs and track them. Make your posts deliver the best results.
  • Track clicks and retargets them to earn more commissions. Build product collections that are always up-to-date with your affiliate links
  • Generate clickthroughs by sharing your links on social media, advertising, emails, and any other channel you’d like.
  • The power of Instagram can take your followers where you need them to b
  • Build, measure, and share short URLs directly from your ad platforms – even with a custom domain
  • Manage all your social media profiles by connecting multiple links
  • Retargeting on ad platforms – reach people who clicked on your links with ads from any platform
  • With Customized Layout, your Instagram feed becomes a mobile-optimized landing page with multiple options to drive followers where you need them to be
  • Link Analytics – Optimize engagement rates by tracking analytics. You can use this knowledge to know who your visitors are and retarget them based on link clicks
  • Make your URLs more memorable and increase your SEO rankings by replacing the current ones with your domain name
  • Additional platforms – Add custom scripts to track link clicks and user location across multiple platforms. Use this data to retarget your prospects
  • Export links in bulk – Export all the links in a single click in a CSV format for future reference
  • Slugs – Personalize the last part of your URLs to make them look attractive and build credibility.

LinkedIn BIO – Increase the click-through rate on your Instagram posts by adding a link in your bio or via tagging products in your Instagram posts.

  • Users can assign links to their posts on Instagram, so they’re not limited to just one link in the bio and drive traffic from Instagram. Up your bio game with smart marketing.
  • Power up your Instagram posts with a link to specific articles, websites, videos & more.
  • Increase Traffic from Instagram – Take your followers to specific articles, websites, videos and more. Overcome the limitation of a single link in your Instagram bio, for better traffic and better conversion.
  • Improve your sales directly by sending Instagram followers to the product pages of your online store. Increase sales directly by redirecting followers to your shoppable, mobile-optimized landing pages.
  • Integrated Instagram analytics help you measure ROI from your Instagram links in your bio, and you can track your posts using other platforms such as Facebook, Google Adwords, and more.

Increase your CTR and lower your CPCs with a URL shortener that has a retargeting pixel inserted in every link. Along with shortening your URLs, they can track various metrics including clicks, conversion rates, referral sources, location, and devices.

  • Shorten URL – Shorten your URLs by using retargeting pixels from ad platforms such as Google Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more
  • Build Custom Audiences from every URL – Share personal URLs with embedded scripts across all channels and platforms. Audiences can be built from people interacting with your URLs and campaigns
  • With custom domains, you can make sure that your audience/readers know that the shortened link leads to your site. Shorten and personalize your links to build credibility and increase your CTR.
  • Add retargeting pixels to your online store – Add any ad pixels to your links and track them. Retarget your prospects on social media and on a variety of other websites across the web. Create a custom audience based on the location from each URL
  • Track the success of any link – With the dashboard, you can easily monitor total and unique clicks on content and see where those clicks come from and see what type of content works best for your audience.

CURATED PAGES – Build portfolios and micro-lending pages in minutes, generate leads and get followers, or simply re-direct your followers.

  • Build traffic from your social media bio links to a curated page that displays all of your useful and always up-to-date links. Add links to your services, products, videos, other social media networks, and more with easy-to-use blocks and custom layouts.
  • Building Micro Page – Build curated pages with all the customized links and social media profiles using various layout options.
  • Link your social media profiles and get cross-platform traffic with Curated Pages, and create multiple links in your Instagram bio for customers to contact you effortlessly
  • Increase the number of orders and inquiries from social media – Show them where they can find information about your products. Take your followers where you want them to go.
  • Various Layout Options – Make your products and services stand out with a unique layout. Add call-to-action for better conversion
  • Get specific information about your audience’s behavior – Know which content they prefer, as well as what content they don’t like
  • Whether you are using the analytics tool, the support tool, or the CRM software, you have that ‘love-hate’ relationship with each one.
  • Build Mobile-First Micro Landing Pages – These can be used to create Brand Awareness or to generate Leads
  • Visitors who visit one time can be retargeted using any ad network that offers any shorten URL or Curated pages
  • Simply a simple and straightforward way to share relevant links and works with their followers
  • Scripts to measure performance can be applied, allowing users to track how links are performing on each platform.

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