LeadClosure is a highly targeted lead-generation technology that allows marketers and enterprises to produce leads on a large scale. In less than a minute, you may construct a database of your targeted leads’ email addresses.

You can enter your desired term, scrape, and export an endless number of leads from the email discovery tool. Convert your leads more quickly and with less effort. Websites where your target clients spend their time, including social media platforms, should be targeted.

LeadClosure Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You may also swiftly scrape and develop a database of phone numbers for your target leads.
  • Enter your keywords, select a country code, and you’re done! To scrape infinite phone numbers, try as many target keywords as you wish.
  • You may also target a certain source page to produce higher-quality leads with the press of a button.
  • LeadClosure, as a powerful scraping solution, not only creates leads but also scrapes endless URLs utilizing the URL scraper tool.
  • Assume you’re a marketing firm seeking guest posting opportunities. Simply enter your target keyword “Guest Post” to get a list of all URLs that contain your keyword in the page title or URL.
  • Export your opportunity-filled URL list and go to work.
  • Use location-specific searches to narrow down your results even further. Alternatively, scrape URLs from a source website, such as Amazon, to locate all pages containing your target keywords. (Wishing you luck, Affiliate Marketers!)
  • You also have a link to an email address scraping application, which can help you generate highly focused leads.
  • Import your chosen URLs in bulk, and the scraper will harvest email addresses from all pages.
  • You know what I’m talking about: high-quality lead generation in volume for easy money generation.
leadclousure saasmantra price
leadclousure saasmantra price
leadclousure regular pricing
leadclousure regular pricing


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