Kuickfeed makes it easier to keep your customers up to date on product changes and updates. It’s a simple platform for managing all of your product updates and release notes. You can add logs for all of your products by creating multiple changelogs. For example, in your changelog posts, you can include photos, videos, or audio, as well as a detailed description and a custom category for each post.

Furthermore, you can use its customization tools to tailor your changelog to your brand. Furthermore, the tool supports custom domains with free SSL and allows you to easily embed their widget to display your changelog. Furthermore, the team management dashboard allows you to assign permissions and granular controls to each team member, which aids in the changelog process.

Kuickfeed Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It is a product update and release note management tool that allows you to add logs, photos, videos, and audio to each post and customize it with colors, logos, favicons, and codes. It enables you to personalize and embed your changelog widget, plan ahead of time with scheduled posts, and create a team management dashboard
  • HeadWayApp, Changefeed, ReleaseNotes, and Hellonext are examples of similar apps
  • Intuitive UI and UX, simple platform, and high stability
  • Ideal for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Product Managers, Development Teams, and Agencies looking to streamline and showcase their product updates/release notes in an efficient and organized manner
  • This enables the incorporation of third-party tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.
  • It provides a plethora of customization options to ensure that your changelogs reflect your distinct brand style. Set the custom domain and font styles to upload your brand’s favicon and logo
  • You can also choose the primary colour for your brand. It applies to the changelog text and the media player controls, making it a seamless and professional extension of your overall branding
  • You can also seamlessly integrate tools like Google Analytics, GTM, and FB Pixel with the ability to add custom codes.
  • If you don’t have a custom domain, you can still use Kuickfeed-hosted URLs.
  • With free SSL certificates, you can make your changelog more secure for visitors.
  • With these game-changing features, you can unleash the power of interactive multimedia and engage your audience like never before.

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