Knowledge is readily available, and navigating the vast sea of academic papers and industry reports can be overwhelming. This is where Knowledgie steps in, a revolutionary research assistant that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline your research process and empower you to find the information you need quickly and effectively.

Knowledgie: Your Research Companion

Imagine a research assistant who understands your needs. It acts as just that, helping you with:

  • Effortless Discovery: Ditch the endless keyword searches. It boasts a vast database of academic and industry publications. Simply enter your research topic or question in plain English, and it will identify the most relevant papers for you.
  • Natural Language Power: Stop wrestling with complex academic jargon. It understands your research questions in plain English, just like you would ask a human expert.
  • Chat with PDFs: Say goodbye to tedious reading! Its unique “chat with PDFs” feature lets you ask questions directly about a research paper you’ve uploaded. This tool will analyze the content and provide summaries or answer your specific questions within the context of the paper.


  • Time Saved, Effort Reduced: It eliminates the need for manual searches and sifting through irrelevant materials. This frees up your valuable time to focus on what truly matters – understanding the research and applying it to your work.
  • Boost Your Research Efficiency: The AI capabilities help you pinpoint the most relevant research papers quickly and easily. This ensures you’re basing your work on the latest and most impactful findings in your field.
  • Deeper Understanding: It goes beyond basic search. Its ability to answer your questions in natural language and summarize complex PDFs fosters a deeper comprehension of the research you’re exploring.
  • Sharpen Your Research Skills: It empowers you to become a more effective researcher by providing the tools and guidance you need to navigate the research landscape with confidence.

Knowledgie: Who Can Benefit?

It is a valuable asset for a wide range of individuals and professionals, including:

  • Students: Streamline your academic research for essays, dissertations, and presentations. Find the most relevant sources and gain a deeper understanding of the topics you’re exploring.
  • Researchers: Quickly identify relevant papers for your research projects and gain deeper insights from existing research. Stay ahead of the curve in your field.
  • Industry Professionals: Keep up with the latest industry trends and findings by efficiently searching relevant reports and publications. Make data-driven decisions and stay competitive.
  • Anyone Conducting Research: Regardless of your field or background, it can simplify your research process and empower you to find the information you need.

Free and Paid Plans to Fit Your Needs

It offers a free plan that provides basic functionalities such as natural language search and a limited number of PDF chats. For extended functionalities and higher usage limits, it offers a paid pro version that caters to the needs of power users and research-intensive individuals.

Knowledgie dealfuel price
Knowledgie dealfuel price
Knowledgie regular pricing
Knowledgie regular pricing

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