Kirmada is a browser-based productivity application for organizing projects and clients into feature-rich Workspaces. Multitasking is out! With this browser-based solution, you’ll be able to focus and increase productivity like never before.

This tool allows you to organize clients and tasks into Workspaces, so you only see the tabs you need. And, because Workspaces can be switched with two clicks, it’s simple to swap between tasks and clients during the day.

Kirmada Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This program generates timesheets automatically, allowing you to see how much time you’ve spent working in a specific workspace.
  • Whether you’re billing hourly or on a retainer, it will automatically start and stop the timer to ensure billing accuracy.
  • You can also add notes to any session to keep track of what you’re working on, in case your clients ask for it.
  • Every user account has 10GB of dedicated cloud storage for Workspaces, which allows you to organize project assets individually.
  • You can add tasks and comments to the calendar to ensure that nothing crucial is overlooked. Workspaces also feature a rudimentary image editor!
  • It also allows you to make social media posts using the social media scheduler, which is quite beneficial for digital marketers
  • Share your Workspaces with a team or contractors via email to grant them access to files, social media accounts, calendar entries, and other resources.
  • You will be able to attach particular tasks to the calendar so that everyone knows what to work on each day.
  • It generates timesheets for new members, removing the guessing at the end of each month.
  • The specialized Workspaces can automatically log hours, save files, and arrange work for unique projects.
  • Create separate Workspaces to store files, bookmarks, tasks, and social media profiles for each project
  • Automatically produce timesheets for you and other team members to increase billing accuracy each month.
kirmada appsumo price
kirmada appsumo price
kirmada regular pricing
kirmada regular pricing

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