Hirevire enables you to automate the first round of interviews by receiving responses to basic screening questions via video, file uploads, or text. You can schedule interviews with only the most qualified candidates. Welcome to passive screening, where the first round of screening can be automated.

Find the best candidates for traditional interviews by first reviewing their video recordings, file uploads, and text responses to the basic screening questions you set up. Share an introduction video with your candidates that provide the necessary context for the job, role, your company’s vision, and the upcoming interview. You are not required to repeat yourself on every initial call with the candidate.

Hirevire Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Make a standardised list of questions that each candidate must answer. You can collect responses through videos, files, or text input. (Voice-only responses will be available soon.)
  • You have one link in common with the candidates. Maybe an auto-response in your email, CRM, or ATS system, or a direct message or WhatsApp message
  • To respond, candidates do not need to log in or download a new app. It also works well on mobile devices.
  • Candidates can respond whenever it is convenient for them.
  • You can view these responses whenever it is convenient for you. There are no apps required because it is entirely web-based. It also works well on mobile phones.
  • You can create a shortlist of candidates and share their responses. The link for shared responses does not require your team to log in, making it ideal for Slack or sharing within the calendar invite before the interview.
  • Create a warm introduction with the candidate before the actual interview, which will result in higher placement rates.

Hirevire Pitchground Price

Hirevire Price

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