Gravit Designer is the ideal tool for Illustrators, Graphic Designers, and Web & App designers, etc. It offers you all of the power, precision, and flexibility you want to unharness your creativity whether you’re working on graphics, websites, icons, UI and UX project designs, photograph editing, product designs, presentations, print layout, social media or just like growing any cool art.

Gravit Designer App is the entirety you would anticipate from a full-featured professional vector design app!

  • Easy & speedy designing with over 1,000 design templates, icons, vector illustrations, textures, & fonts.
  • Works throughout all platforms (Mac, PC, ChromeOS, Linux), move from one device to any other seamlessly.
  • Accessible from everywhere the use of any gadget at the Gravit Cloud or by the usage of Google Drive Integration.
  • Professional vector editing the usage of a entire vector toolbox along with preset shapes with clever controls, non-destructive Boolean operations, inclusive of the capacity to vectorize borders or offset path contours.
  • Basic and advanced control over your typography with font styles and weights, kerning, line, character and paragraph spacing, the ability to trade the case non-destructively, etc.
  • A effective aligning and distributing machine the usage of superior rework panel with nested compound shapes support – union, subtract, intersect and difference.
  • Sophisticated vector route manipulation the use of tools like State-of-the-artwork pen, Bezigon tool, Knife tool, Pen tool, and Lasso tool.
  • Unmatched flexibility for organizing your design projects with unlimited tiers of layer groups (folders), groups, compound shapes, objects, and clipping paths.
  • Flexible, non-unfavorable item styling such as software of a couple of fills, gradients, textures, borders, effects, and blending modes to any object with PRO.
  • Versatile import and export options at 300 DPI for professional printing using the advanced export dialog, with numerous alternatives and an instant preview & a great deal more…

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