Further assists you in locating a micro-learning curation library powered by artificial intelligence for your team, as well as providing real-time tracking through a massive skills map. You can use informal and AI-assisted learning to your advantage. There’s no need to curate courses; just pick the skills you want to learn. With the plug-and-play mobile app, you may get personalized content and keep track of your skills.

Artificial intelligence is sometimes used as a cost-effective solution for your requirements. There is no longer any need to manually assign courses or content. Artificial intelligence has already tagged content and can send training to your employees without the need for human intervention – adjust as needed.

Further Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Blogs, videos, podcasts, and other forms of content abound. So, don’t waste time looking for the proper learning material for your team.
  • You can choose the skills and resources to create a customized and automated learning experience for your employees.
  • Add and assign content and lists to help them advance their careers through carefully created learning opportunities.
  • Traditional techniques of learning management in the workplace have always been popular, but this time it’s only available on mobile.
  • Mobile users consume more content, so encourage your employees to learn on the go with bite-sized content. Invite your team and divide them into groups according to their affiliation.
  • Track the development of your employees’ skill acquisition in groups or individually, and award them with personalized and verifiable certificates and badges.
  • To ensure that everything is running smoothly, track and assess their progress with automatically generated reports. Encourage your employees to improve their talents by awarding badges for skill progress and list completions.
  • With built-in skills and a content library, this mobile learning platform is ready to use.
  • Its user-friendly interface also makes it simple to utilize.
  • The internet is further filtered based on the skills and sources that have been chosen. The learning experience will not be harmed by any garbage content or sources.
  • The time spent looking for material is cut in half because of AI-powered learning personalization.
  • One More account is needed for all administration. When necessary, more admins can be added.
  • Admins can access a variety of reports on the reports panel, all of which are constantly current.

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