Frank AI is an iOS model aggregator that allows you to use the most recent AI models on your phone for creation, collaboration, and information discovery. It supports GPT-4 Turbo and includes the first-ever iOS GPT-4 Keyboard Extension.

Frank is popular among users because to his ease of use, quickness, and context awareness, regardless of the model used. Our objective is to make prompting and interacting with sophisticated AI models easier for everyone, allowing everyone to benefit from the powerful capabilities that are released on a daily basis.

Frank AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • No more changing contexts or switching between models and platforms to acquire what you need.
  • Talk to the tool like never before, in a flowing, human-like conversation.
  • He can understand voice, video, graphics, and writing.
  • It is based on pioneering GPT-4o multimodal AI technology, and understands plain language.
  • Whether you ask him a question via text or voice, he responds with accuracy and relevance.
  • He may also create any image or text depending on your instructions and locate any information.
  • It is easy to work with and responds quickly to any questions or content.
  • He communicates with you along the way, refining or editing his comments to perfection.
  • It is available in over 130 languages and works from anywhere in the world!
  • Talk with Frank AI chat via voice or text; he understands your question and responds promptly.

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