Flowlie is a complete fundraising platform that assists creators in planning and executing their rounds. This Fundraising Software simplifies data-driven workflows, allowing founders to fundraise more quickly and investors to close more of the correct deals.

This tool provides a comprehensive array of solutions to help simplify and improve the fundraising journey. Before sharing your deck with investors, make sure it works properly. Our AI-powered reviewer provides slide-by-slide improvement ideas to ensure your content and design are optimum.

Flowlie Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Access AI-generated coaching for effective company descriptions, elevator pitches, and more, giving you useful insights to improve your fundraising strategy.
  • Using a uniform one-pager template will help you make decisions faster. Present key company information, round information, founder backgrounds, traction, product demos, and slides in a consumable style
  • Start your fundraising campaign with a carefully vetted investor database. Research compatible investors, and soon, use our AI auto-compose function for producing ideal outreach letters.
  • Stay informed about investor engagement. Track every view of your investment documents, identify the best times to follow up, and learn about investor preferences and behaviors.
  • Unlimited view sessions and engaged investor tracking
  • There are unlimited investor profiles
  • Full Investor Database with Fit Scoring
  • Investor introduction recommendations
  • Unlimited deck version control and analytics
  • AL-powered deck analyzer (coming soon
  • Limited-time offer: fundraising advice to organize your round and strategize outreach.
flowlie dealfuel price
flowlie dealfuel price
flowlie dealfuel pricing
flowlie dealfuel pricing

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