Flotiq is a headless CMS that enables your teams to create and distribute content across numerous channels. Using an OpenAPI-first CMS, This tool enables you to exchange crucial material between platforms, inside your team, and within your organization.

The platform will immediately provide a unique API that enables you to start sharing right away once you simply specify your data model or content kinds. Create API keys that specify API access within your company so you can easily grant or withhold user permissions.

Flotiq Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll have immediate access to tools that aid in internal and internet content distribution after adding new content kinds to the system.
  • OpenAPI-compliant endpoints and webhooks for platforms like Zapier, Microsoft Power Platform, and Postman will be automatically created.
  • You can quickly make sandboxes, SDK code packages, and API documentation available to your developers.
  • Your IDE will be able to consolidate all the code right away, so your developers and content team won’t have to do any heavy lifting.
  • With a tonne of free starters and boilerplates for Jamstack projects, this tool makes it easy for you to produce fresh content without any additional coding.
  • Find templates for event calendars, online shops, portfolios, and blogs. Even templates for building iOS and Android apps are available!
  • If you change the content type, you’ll be able to develop and publish complicated forms that update automatically.
  • If your staff is already comfortable with the process, you could even create your own content from the beginning.
  • Stop worrying about external servers and host content on the platform. This new Jamstack methodology speeds up development while lowering expenses and enhancing security.
  • Give your team access to content versioning, sophisticated search filters, and customizable data displays through a super-simple, modern UI.
  • Additionally, you may quickly transfer thousands of pages using the migration tool if you need to migrate your content from another CMS that is less dynamic.
  • Utilize shareable API documentation, sandboxes, and SDKs to create content using Jamstack project templates. Strapi, Netlify, and Contentful alternatives
  • Integrate your content with a variety of technologies like Zapier and Power Platform by using webhooks and OpenAPI-compliant endpoints
  • Best for: Web designers, developers, and creators seeking a CMS to recycle and incorporate digital material with their own APIs
  • Free-of-charge pictures
  • Image resizing and enhancement
  • A bridge-builder
  • Content versioning built-in
  • Many sorts of objects
  • Specific API
  • Publishing APISandbox API
  • Scoped API documents
  • Full-text lookup
  • Instant SDK
  • Webhooks
  • The integrations (Zapier, Gatsby, Snipcart, Netlify, Postman)

Flotiq Appsumo Price

Flotiq Price

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