EverLearns instantly transforms your knowledge into engaging, interactive online courses, due to an AI-powered editor that creates material customized to your audience’s needs. It ensures a smooth transition from idea to implementation, removing traditional roadblocks and delays.

Simply tell us what knowledge you want to serve and how you want things done, and it will customize everything to meet your demands. The platform uses innovative AI technology to develop your course, but you can still actively engage in each stage if you want to make changes.

EverLearns Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It can help you improve the tempo, add more resources, or tweak the content to better line with your teaching goals
  • It allows you to simply convert any material—including YouTube playlists, books, podcasts, and newsletters—into a high-quality course.
  • Simply upload your materials, and it will ensure they fit properly in a digital classroom
  • The platform is built to accommodate a variety of content formats, with each tailored for the greatest possible learning experience
  • It customizes these resources to suit educational requirements and engage learners, whether that means improving video quality for better viewing, arranging text for readability, or incorporating interactive components within audio lectures
  • It provides you with an AI-powered content generator and smart editor that will lay the groundwork for your courses.
  • It offers the structure, fills in the information, and even recommends learning routes, all of which may be fine-tuned to hit the right note
  • This initial setup saves you a substantial amount of time, allowing you to focus on improving and tailoring the content to meet your instructional objectives
  • When it comes to making your courses genuinely interactive, the AI allows you to effortlessly add quizzes, flashcards, mind maps, and other elements
  • No, these aren’t just showy add-ons; they’re crucial tools for deepening comprehension and increasing student involvement, transforming each session into a dynamic two-way conversation
  • Whether you want to create a sleek complete LMS experience or convert it to a downloadable PDF format, both may be shared via a direct link or email, or you can simply press the ‘Publish’ button for quick online access.
  • Whether you want a comprehensive LMS interface or want to convert your structured content to PDF for distribution, both options are available with a single click.
  • Click the ‘Publish’ button to gain immediate web access and a direct URL, or share your course via email
  • There are no cumbersome processes or wait times—just your course, ready to be discovered by enthusiastic learners everywhere.
  • It is about making your instructional information as accessible to as many pupils as possible while avoiding the normal hassles
  • Your primary concern is what to teach next, not how to put it all together. It’s as if we took all the difficult aspects of creating a course and simplified them
  • With just a few clicks, you can transform your ideas and content into interesting lessons that your students will like
  • Create high-quality, tailored courses in only 5 minutes for any topic, audience, and language. This streamlines the traditional, time-consuming course development procedure
  • Use what you currently have, such as YouTube videos, podcasts, or lectures. The human-centered, AI-assisted approach transforms them into dynamic, interactive learning
  • With one click, your course is online, whether it’s web-ready or packed as a PDF. Reach learners far and wide with a single, simple click
  • Save time with our auto-generated lessons and AI-powered smart editor, which make content production and editing easier and more efficient.
everlearns regular pricing
everlearns regular pricing
everlearns regular pricing
everlearns regular pricing

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