Eurekaa’s patented subject algorithm, which uses MOOC enrollment statistics and topic popularity trends, can help you assess and validate your opportunity.

Our Lesson Architect™ AI identifies gaps and unfavorable reviews in popular content, as well as overcoming creative hurdles such as starting and ending lesson outlines or book chapters, in seconds. With our unique Editor Idea Processor, which includes AI-Assist, you may generate ideas as quickly as possible.

Eurekaa Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Quickly search the world’s largest cross-platform database of online courses by topic, category, niche, popularity, reviews, and enrollment. Use your personal Content Planner to create a course or book swipe file.
  • Instantly search the world’s largest cross-platform database of online courses by topic, category, specialty, popularity, reviews, enrollment, and expected revenue.
  • The assesses a topic possibility based on enrollment statistics and recent Google search trends.
  • Utilize AI Gap and Sentiment analysis to evaluate existing courses and material for what is lacking, revealing opportunities for your content.
  • You can also search for MOOC platforms specifically
  • See all of the platform’s specialty categories in one view.
  • Discuss and brainstorm your topic with our AI Lesson Architect™.
  • Find online resources and begin your content with outlines, introductions, descriptions, topic summaries, or chapters.
  • You can enter an audience level and a proposed length, and Eurekaa will return intelligent, structured material in milliseconds.
  • Once produced, just export your material to our Doc Editor, where you can iterate on it.
  • With our sophisticated AI-assisted Editor, you may generate ideas as quickly as possible using a unique concept processor. Continue from the original idea to the final draft.
  • Saved courses appear alongside your new content, allowing you to see what popular courses are available that you should make sure to cover.
  • Book Search provides access to content from the world’s largest book library, filtered by relevance, popularity, and 100 other data signals.

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