Ethicsign is a document signing platform that offers a variety of solutions for bulk signature collection, management, and security. View key document metrics on a simple dashboard that displays the number of pending, completed, and sent documents.

The platform includes an audit trail, which gives you access to a secure, full record of any changes made to documents. In addition, all of your papers are safeguarded with powerful encryption and optional two-factor authentication to ensure that no one tampers with your confidential information.

Ethicsign Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Choose and add input fields to any document, and make some fields necessary for signers.
  • These fields include name, email, company, checkboxes, dropdowns, and many others.
  • All of the input fields can be adjusted to better fit your document’s style, allowing you to keep the formatting nice and professional.
  • You can submit your documents to the platform from your computer to begin gathering signatures, regardless of where they are located
  • Import documents from Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox without having to download them first
  • The platform provides bulk signing, which allows the same parties to sign several documents with a single click
  • It also allows you to add as many signatures as you desire, saving time from several tiresome rounds of signing
  • Set your documents to be signed in simultaneously or even in sequence, which is ideal if you need various departments to sign a document in a specific order
  • You can assign an alternate signer to any signatory so you don’t have to wait for anyone
  • It provides everything you need to speed up the document-signing process, including a simpler UI, cloud connectors, and support for multiple signatories.
ethicsign appsumo price
ethicsign appsumo price
ethicsign regular pricing
ethicsign regular pricing

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