With Eariously, converting text or RSS feeds into audio requires only a few clicks and is incredibly simple for anyone to do. Any text can be converted into audio, allowing you to create excellent voice overs for videos, tutorials, and other types of media.

You can’t use amateurs since you require professional-quality voiceovers. You can save both time and money by avoiding the need for voiceovers when you use this tool. The text-to-speech platform offered is able to generate voices that seem as natural as possible for any project, including videos uploaded to YouTube, tutorials, and presentations.

Now, with only a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can quickly convert text into audio. If you can type, you have the ability to convert written documents or articles into audio that sounds very lifelike. But hold on… there’s much more! This tool also has the capability to convert your email or blog into a podcast. That’s correct – your articles have the potential to be magically transformed into podcast episodes, so providing you with a completely new traffic channel without requiring any further work on your part.

Eariously Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It is more than just a sophisticated TTS platform in and of itself. The team’s primary goal was on developing a system that can convert ANY text to audio, but they also wanted to develop a tool that would assist people who create content for blogs and newsletters in turning that content into podcasts.
  • This tool is a full-fledged podcast hosting solution, audio file storage tool, and TTS platform, and more capabilities are on the roadmap for this product.
  • You can make an audio file using this tool by either uploading a text file or copying text directly into the editor. The process takes only a few minutes
  • You can emphasise words, add pauses, and add custom pronunciations to your text by using the SSML editor that this tool provides
  • It will import your most recent blog entries and instantly convert them into podcast episodes with only a few clicks of your mouse
  • Choose from a growing library of more than 870 authentic voices, including both standard and premium options, which are included with all LTD subscription tiers
  • It is comparable to gold for teams competing on the international stage. You may effortlessly convert all of your text into marketing materials in multiple languages
  • Maintain order by placing all files in neatly organised projects, inviting members of more than one team, and devoting separate workstations to certain clients or brands
  • It is applicable to many different kinds of businesses and fields of endeavour. Utilising this tool can immediately catapult your production power to the next level if you are developing an online presence that is fueled by audio or video material. The following are a few examples of how a strong platform can be put to use.
  • Produce voiceovers for commercials and sales videos
  • Include voiceovers in instructional videos, presentations, support videos, or films hosted on YouTube
  • Create voiceovers / audio for social media material
  • Transform your blog entries or newsletters into a podcast that is completely hosted
  • Reusing content across different media is one way to increase website visitors
  • Provide your customer with audio content development as a service and earn more money.


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Eariously Rockethub Price
Eariously Rockethub Price
Eariously Rockethub Price
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Eariously Regular Pricing
Eariously Regular Pricing
Eariously Regular Pricing

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