Deskfirst allows you to drag and drop files into an easy-to-use online desktop that you can share with teams, stakeholders, and clients. You may establish online desktops for projects using Deskfirst, each with its own name, branding, storage restrictions, and sharing permissions.

All you have to do using this platform’s familiar UI is drag and drop your files like you’re using a desktop but it’s fully online, available immediately from your browser! Furthermore, the built-in file explorer allows you to upload data across many folder windows at the same time.

Deskfirst Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You may email your online desktops to your employees and clients so they can access everything immediately from their browsers
  • Deskfirst even allows you to specify granular rights for your projects, such as Viewer, Editor, and Manager, so you’re always in charge
  • You’ll be able to establish view-only links that allow individuals to open critical assets without altering permissions for rapid access
  • This tool makes it simple to design an online desktop that fits your distinctive identity, whether you’re working internally or with clients
  • You’ll be able to change the background colors, logos, add cover photos, and arrange your brand materials in any order you like
  • You can select a backdrop image for your online desktop from the integrated Unsplash library
  • The built-in gallery and media player can come in handy if you frequently work with media files
  • The gallery and media player allows you to see images, watch films, and listen to audio files in a variety of formats directly from the platform—no additional software is necessary
  • That means you’ll have all you need to share deliverables with stakeholders and design one-of-a-kind workspaces for your clients.
deskfirst appsumo price
deskfirst appsumo price
deskfirst regular pricing
deskfirst regular pricing


  • Rod

    Deskfirst ceo keeps on changing their plans, it started with $199 for 2.5TB and now same price for 250gb. I wont support this app.

    • DealMango

      Founders have always increased the pricing of the LTDs some time after launch. Did they decrease the storage from 2.5TB to 250gb for people who purchased it early? If so, they are in the wrong.

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