Datagran helps you to reach blissful harmony between your data and your operations with an all-in-one AI data workspace. Datagran is an all-in-one AI data workspace that integrates. It analyzes and manages digital data to help you reduce clutter and grow.

Datagran Lifetime Deal Features Overview :

  • Place and optimize your ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. It also lets you create email campaigns based on your clusters.
  • Get insights into your campaigns with Deep learning.
  • Get a visual on your business analytics with real-time data.
  • Emotions, formats, keywords, images, keywords, images, and colors they respond to best.
  • Predict and find personas.
  • Create strategies to migrate hibernating customers, learn client LFVs, predict what your customers will buy, filter by product.
  • Place your ads on Facebook, Google, Amazon*, email, and SMS.* (*Coming soon.)
  • Send e-mails to specific clusters or personas.
  • Integrations, data dedupes, analytics, predictions, ad insights, and social listening.
  • Integrations for S3, SQL, Postgres, Shopify, CSV, Facebook, and Google!
  • 5 Predictive Analysis/month.
  • 5 Ad insights/month.
  • 5 Social listenings/month.
  • $10,000 in monthly ad spend
  • 1,000 Email marketing/month.

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