Databar is a platform that automates prospecting and data enrichment using over 120 data providers and AI templates. This tool provides access to corporate, personal, and email data from over 120 suppliers and hundreds of web scrapers without requiring additional subscriptions or API keys.

Discover company information, including descriptions, pricing models, revenues, financing, and rivals. Combine all of this data with AI to help create personalised campaigns that hit your targets.

Databar Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Power your CRM with high-quality, structured data about potential customers.
  • Automate prospecting and workflows with hundreds of pre-configured APIs.
  • Add and manage authentication credentials in a single spot.
  • This tool makes it simple to generate tailored prospecting lists from locations where your consumers already hang out.
  • Use the Chrome extension to convert any web page into a database.
  • Enhance scraped data with data enrichments to obtain additional information.
  • You can generate data visualisations such as charts, plots, and maps that update automatically and can be embedded anywhere.
  • It allows you to create custom workflows using webhooks, Typeform integration, or custom enrichments and exporters.
  • Add your own API with simply a few clicks.
  • Automatically populate data from third-party sources.
  • You’ll receive a library of over 120 data providers to assist power your workflows, open up new marketplaces, scrape the web, and automate prospecting.

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