Contest Domination allows you to build an email list and collect real leads using viral contests that you can create, launch, and manage. Build viral contests quickly to collect qualified leads that are hungry for what you do and sell.

Contest Domination Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create, launch and manage viral contests in record time for lead generation.
  • Gleam is an alternative word to Gleam.
  • Build your email list faster by encouraging and tracking referral opt-ins from social media and email.
  • Best for: Event planners, influencers, and marketers who want to create viral contests that go viral.
  • It’s just impossible to compete with beautiful contest funnels.
  • Contest Domination lets you create viral contests to build your email list as quickly as possible.
  • Contest Domination is easy to use, thanks to the wizard’s step-by-step instructions (much less confusing than that cryptic Dumbledore).
  • Within minutes, you can have a contest that collects leads, incentivizes contestants to refer other people, and allows you to track those leads.
  • Contestants are rewarded for referring their friends’ e-mail addresses by using a special tracking link.
  • The best part is the advanced fraud protection system that thwarts even the most creative attempts to cheat or game the system and automatically bans those caught cheating.
  • While email is still king, Contest Domination also utilizes contestants’ social media accounts.
  • With built-in share buttons to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, contestants can earn extra entries to win. (That means more entries for you.)
  • They’ll also receive a handy link that they can share via iMessage or Facebook Messenger.
  • Simply select from the “winners” tab to crown your winner!
  • Contest Domination also makes it simple to disqualify a winner.
  • Whether someone’s from the wrong location or a team member (nice try, Tim from Finance), just click the “Disqualify” button.
  • As such unlike the dodgeball tournament in 3rd grade, Contest Domination will keep your contests free of cheating.
  • Contest Dominance lets you disqualify any winner with a single click.
  • You can shout from the rooftops about your latest product launch, but it won’t increase sales.
  • Contest Domination allows you to relax while your contestants connect you to their networks.
  • So you always win no matter what contest you enter.
  • You can stack up to 3 codes.
  • CSV export.
  • Next-Gen fraud tools.
  • Third-party opt-in pages.
  • Custom CSS support.
  • Retargeting pixel support.
  • Conversion pixel support.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • All integrations.

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