Chatseeds enables you to convert website visitors into customers with an AI chatbot trained on your website’s content and accessible with a single click.

Their AI chatbot is specifically trained on the content of your website and employs cutting-edge technology such as ChatGPT to respond to any questions your visitors may have. In addition, it can capture email addresses and assist in converting visitors into customers.

In addition, training your custom chatbot is fully automated and takes less than two minutes. Simply enter your website’s URL, and the tool will take care of the rest. Do not pass up this chance to expand your business using the latest AI technology.

Chatseeds Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It provides a content-trained chatbot for use on your website.
  • The AI chatbot uses ChatGPT to respond to website visitors’ queries and to collect their email addresses.
  • Training your personalized chatbot takes less than two minutes and is entirely automated; all you need to do is enter the URL of your website.
  • Now you can have a tool that scans your website and sends all of its content to ChatGPT. This enables the chatbot to understand every aspect of your business, including pricing, technical details, and your value proposition.
  • With this information, the chatbot can respond to inquiries as if it were a human and function as your own tireless salesperson, ensuring that your customers always receive the best possible service
  • It has incorporated a feature that prompts ChatGPT to request an email address from site visitors.
  • This enables you to communicate with site visitors and add them to your sales funnel. Imagine a sign-up form that speaks to you and responds to your questions.
  • Not only does this substantially increase conversion rates, but also imagine a sign-up form that speaks to you
  • It is compatible with all major platforms, including WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, and any other landing page builder, in addition to custom-built websites
  • It provides a straightforward code snippet that can be copied and pasted into your website’s code, similar to the Google Analytics tag, once it has scraped your content and trained your custom chatbot.
chatseeds dealify price
chatseeds dealify price
chatseeds regular pricing
chatseeds regular pricing

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