ChatNode enables you to train AI ChatBots on your own data sources, including text, PDF, and URLs. One of the best use cases is replacing your customer service personnel. You can educate your website’s chatbot with all of your website’s URLs, then add your company’s internal FAQ.

TheĀ  trick is to export the chat history from your current customer support software and contribute it to the bot’s training. Once embedded on your website, you can review the customer’s chat history, and if the chatbot does not correctly answer a specific query, you can manually add it to its training.

ChatNode AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can capture website visitors’ emails to remain in touch.
  • The bot automatically responds in the same language as the user’s query, in 95 different languages.
  • The programs can be trained on vast datasets derived from websites, PDFs, and plain text.
  • Existing use cases include Airbnb concierges, attorneys, bloggers, and digital agencies.
  • It has never been simpler or more powerful to build bots for selling products or training new employees.
  • Your bots can be embedded on any website with an iframe, a pop-up chat to interact with potential customers in real-time, or even integrated into your Slack workspace so that your team has immediate access to your company’s documentation.
  • Obtaining a shareable URL for your chatbot is the final step. Don’t stress about privacy; our “No Branding” feature removes all branding, including from the bot’s URL.
  • It enables you to tailor each agent to your company’s aesthetic.
  • You can change the logo and colors of the bot, as well as the greeting message and the message to contact you via email if the bot cannot locate an answer.
  • You have unrestricted access to the prompts and other ChatGPT parameters, such as “creativity.”
chatnode ai appsumo price
chatnode ai appsumo price
chatnode ai regular pricing
chatnode ai regular pricing

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