ChatABC extends ChatGPT’s capabilities for collaborative work by adding features such as preset prompts, document support, and shared access from a single account. You have the option of using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 on ChatABC, which enables you to begin making use of your free or premium accounts immediately.

You can personalize your prompts to transform ChatGPT into the “character” you need, much like making your own marketing consultant so you can converse about advertising. This program includes a plethora of ready-made character prompts, which range from skilled chefs to fitness instructors. One simple click is all that is required.

ChatABC Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You are free to choose the output language, tone, writing style, and format you want—no prompt engineering is necessary for this
  • You will soon be able to teach ChatGPT with material that is private, offline, or downloadable simply by copying and pasting brief text or by uploading a PDF file
  • Due to the split-screen perspective, it is quite simple to pose queries on the uploaded text or document at any given moment
  • You may now browse the prompt library find prompts for typical use cases such as creating social advertisements, blog articles, or marketing emails. This feature is available to users
  • It will be possible for you to save prompts to your personal library, making them truly easy to access whenever you have a need for them
  • You can save yourself the time of having to scroll through each chat session by organizing the conversations you have into folders so that you can quickly find what you are looking for
  • You won’t need to acquire individual accounts either, because your prompts will be saved in workspaces that everyone on your team will be able to access
  • You will be able to share any output from ChatGPT with your colleagues by means of a public URL so that they can participate using their own devices
  • Individuals on the team can even load the full chat into their own window and continue it from where someone else left off
  • The best part is that you can utilize your own name and white-label the platform in order to provide this service to your customers
  • You’ll have more flexibility with how you spend your money when you have access to ChatGPT through a shared subscription. (“Why yes, I will pay extra for guacamole and mineral water.”
  • Your group will have a smooth experience with ChatGPT because of ChatABC’s single-account access, its extensive prompt library, and its support for document uploads
  • You can utilize the AI to distill, summarize, or restate information based on the context of the files that you upload
  • Your team can share access to ChatGPT, which comes equipped with features such as a prompt library, shareable chats, and branded chats that can be personalized.
chatabc regular pricing
chatabc regular pricing
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chatABC appsumo price

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