Chartmat allows you to create dashboards, apps, and forms using real-time data from Google Sheets,  This tool is a robust, mobile-friendly, and responsive Google Sheets frontend that allows you to create boards with various block kinds such as charts, tables, forms, and grids.

The blocks are always in sync with Google Sheets in real-time, making them the ideal solution for management reports. Boards can also be used as internal apps to display data, collect data, and track activity.

Chartmat Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create boards without needing to know how to code and organise them in workspaces so you can safely share them with clients and coworkers.
  • Users may aggregate and show data in a chart that includes fully customised axes, colours, and scales.
  • Table data may be queried straight from the Chartmat board, with clickable rows allowing you to see details not included in the table.
  • You can utilise grids to showcase data representations, particularly images, in a way that your end users would like. Chartmat can also be used to create small stores!
  • Customize the input format of your Chartmat forms based on your unique needs and write data from browser forms into your Google Sheet.
  • To save switching through tabs to find what you need, you can display forms and dashboards on the same Chartmat board.
  • You’ll be able to submit photos, such as receipts, directly into Google Sheets using these forms.
  • It allows you to customize your boards by using sections to organize all of your content.
  • For a great branding moment, customise your board header with HTML and CSS and display your corporate logo.
  • You can also modify the backdrop colour of your boards as well as the display colour of any internal element to fully level up your board.
  • Boards and blocks should be embedded (via iframe)
  • This is a mobile-first platform that you may download to your phone.
  • synchronised with personal sheets
  • Each workspace has its own set of user permissions (shareable with clients and teammates)
  • Complete personalization is available (add your brand colors and board name)
  • There is no branding.
  • All templates are available to you.
  • Zapier has a lot of integrations (through Google Sheets)
  • Create browser dashboards that update in real-time without coding by building apps on top of Google Sheets data.
  • GlideApps is a good alternative.
  • Create sections for your dashboards and forms for entering new data via your web browser.
  • Best for: Agencies, data-driven teams, and Google Sheets power users looking to create apps and dashboards without having to code.

Chartmat Appsumo Price

Chartmat Price

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