ThriveCart can be used as your payment system for WordPress to deliver digital content to your audience. You can easily build a single membership website in 15 minutes ready for your customers. It is a WordPress integration that will allow you to use ThriveCart as your payment system. Dedicated customer to WordPress user integration and also gets an auto-login option. If you wish to operate a single level, members-only website, we have all the necessary settings built-in by default. You can easily connect your customers to other top WordPress plugins that will add additional features to your website easily.

  • Easy cart to WordPress integration.
  • Built-in membership options.
  • Integrations.

Easy WordPress Integrations:

  • Automatically create WordPress users.
  • It lets the users use their purchase details provided at checkout.
  • Special auto-login link.
  • Get URL to log-in your customers right after purchase.
  • Delete users automatically right after the user is canceled.
  • You can easily set the default user role.
  • Can easily send the WordPress password emailĀ on sign-up.

Built-in Membership: Set up a single level or make for the website in minutes where your content will be the same for all the customers.

  • Members-only website protection in minutes.
  • Custom login and logout redirection.
  • Protection exemption for a sales page if you have the sales page on the same domain.
  • Hide the default WordPress admin bar and dashboard from non-admin users
  • Concurrent user login protection.
  • Idle user logout after X minutes.

Integrations: Integrated with Mailchimp, Learndash, Woocommerce, Live agent etc.

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  • Anne

    I bought that plugin and it doesn’t work ! I want a refund and no one responded to my emails, it’s been 5 days !! Someone can help me ?

    • DealMango

      Try contacting them through other channels. We found a Facebook profile which might be the founder’s and contacted them. Will update here and by email if we get an update. If you do not get an answer within the refund period, contact Paypal or your payment processor. There are no updates in their changelog since two years and seems to be abandoned from all the signs.

  • anne

    Thank you so much for your response ! Yeah That’s what I thought also that it was abandon when I saw that the last sign of life was two years ago ! Do you have the name of the founder by any chance so I can contact him directly ? I didn’t find it. Thank you very much for your help !

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